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Welcome to Lighter than Air – Flight Magazine, where we take you on an exhilarating journey to unravel the thrilling stories and incredible discoveries that unfold high above the clouds.

Ours is a unique digital publication dedicated to sharing daring tales of human flight in balloons and airships, as well as the valiant scientific endeavors that utilize lighter-than-air (LTA) technology to explore both our Earth and the boundless universe beyond. We bring to light stories in ballooning, beginning with those who launched the age of human aviation over two centuries ago to those who are designing modern airships, and balloon vehicles for a luxurious space-tourism experience.

Our LTA coverage extends far and wide, encompassing ballooning, airships, blimps, aerostats, weather balloons, scientific balloons, stratospheric and space balloon vehicles, as well as insightful articles on weather, altitude science, Earth, and space.

In addition, the magazine is a testimony to the skills and caliber of  intrepid men and women who mastered the physical world in a willful craft—from the first aviators who took off in a crude balloon in Paris in 1783 to the twentieth and twenty-first century aviators who crossed oceans and circled the earth, to those who not only soared dangerously high to explore the stratosphere and near space but also jumped to test spacesuits and equipment—each one contributing in a unique way to advance human capabilities and modern amenities and usher in the space age.

We reveal how the brightest minds in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and the arts have flocked to the world of lighter-than-air aviation. It’s here that readers uncover the incredible feats of intrepid explorers and scientists who’ve tamed the elements, conquered the skies, and delved into the highest reaches of our atmosphere. They’ve developed groundbreaking technologies to soar ever higher and farther, pushing the boundaries of human knowledge and contributing to our understanding of aeronautics, the natural world, and the cosmos itself.

Our readers are enlightened about the vast array of applications that ballooning serves, from atmospheric research to surveillance and more, and why ballooning remains an ideal platform for scientific research and observation.

Formerly known as The Balloon Journal, LTA-Flight Magazine took flight in December 2015. Our publication caters to readers of all backgrounds, from professionals and enthusiasts in science and technology to the simply curious. Therefore, we try to strike a perfect balance in our stories, making them engaging and exciting for everyone.

With over 1.2 million visitors and an average 8 million page views each year, we’ve built a dedicated and strong readership. The enduring fascination with lighter-than-air aviation is evident in our 55,000 Facebook followers.

While our readers include people of all ages and backgrounds, our magazine is especially popular among young supporters. They look up to the pioneers who dared to dream, fly, and discover, finding in them not just idols but a wellspring of inspiration.

Lighter than Air – Flight Magazine is your passport to the extraordinary. We invite you to get onboard, support us, advertise with us, contribute your expertise, and share your opinions. Join us in preserving and celebrating the legacy of those who dared to fly and explore our world and the limitless skies.

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Sitara Maruf

Sitara Maruf is an author and award-winning science writer with a remarkable background. With over 15 years of experience in print and broadcast journalism, science and health writing, editing, and communications direction, Sitara’s expertise is well established.

Sitara holds two master’s degrees: an MA in broadcast journalism and public affairs from American University in Washington, DC, and an MS in biochemistry from the University of Pune, India.

Her career has been marked by significant roles, including serving as a medical science writer and press officer at the National Institutes of Health, contributing as an intern and freelance producer at the British Broadcasting Corporation, and reporting for India Abroad. She has also demonstrated her skills as a producer, reporter, and anchor for Human Interest Today at WNVC-TV, and as a science writer and editor for Lighter than Air—Flight Magazine. Her versatile abilities have further led her to the role of communications and media director in a former governor’s office.

Beyond her impressive career in journalism and communications, Sitara is the author of the book, Easy-to-Learn English Grammar and Punctuation.

Sitara Maruf, the creative mind behind Lighter than Air ―Flight Magazine, has long been captivated by the riveting narratives of LTA aviation, a realm that has witnessed remarkable scientific breakthroughs since the eighteenth century. From the age of early ballooning and airships to the daring adventures of stratospheric manned ballooning, and the invaluable roles of balloons in scientific, meteorological, and reconnaissance endeavors, Sitara’s fascination with the field led to the birth of Lighter Than Air – Flight Magazine in 2015. She serves as the founder, editor, contributor, and principal sponsor, driving the magazine’s mission to showcase the captivating world of lighter-than-air flight.

Her website Lighter than Air—Flight Magazine not only covers the science and technology of lighter-than-air flight but also brings to light the captivating human-interest stories of aviators.


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  1. Dear Balloon Journal,

    Is there a peer-review process in your article publications?
    We are looking for a journal for our stratospheric balloon launch results.


  2. Thank you Sitara,

    That is a very interesting and well written article The super-pressure balloon is so little understood. The origins of the successful example are among the little known points in history.

    1. Mr. Piccard,
      Thank you for your comment and appreciation. Yes, I agree with you.
      Soon, I will start work on one of the objectives of this publication–to raise awareness about the pioneering and brave efforts in scientific ballooning and lighter-than-air aviation.
      I will get in touch with you by e-mail, soon.

  3. Do you have a historian/archivist source that would know the answer to this question:
    In the second Gordon Bennett competition in 1907, German team won, landing in New Jersey.
    Looking to find out where in New Jersey did the POMMERANIA land?
    E R I K

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