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 The Balloon Journal is now LTA-Flight Magazine. We changed the name on 10th August 2017. The original Balloon Journal website was  launched on 22nd July 2016. Please note the new e-mail addresses. We look forward to your continued support.  Thank you.

Welcome to LTA-Flight Magazine —your source for stories and discoveries about the exciting, adventurous, and exploratory world of  lighter-than-air aviation.

We look forward to bringing you articles about ballooning events and journeys, as well as airships, and the latest research and development on scientific balloon missions, including those deployed for weather observations. The publication will also feature related articles on weather, altitude science, upper atmosphere, and space.

In addition, this website and blog is also an endeavor to share the science and technology of lighter-than-air flight.

Hope you will share your news, stories, and opinions.

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All Aboard!
Sitara Maruf

Work experience as a journalist, author, English lecturer, and media and communications director:

  • Worked as Executive Producer / Anchor / Reporter for the half-hour weekly news-and-features television program HUMAN INTEREST TODAY, which aired on WPXW-TV of PAX and WNVC-TV of MHz Networks, VA
  • Health Science Writer / Editor and Press Officer, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD
  •  Internship and production work at the British Broadcasting Corporation, D.C.
  • Media and Communications Director for Census 2000 at a former Maryland Governor’s Office
  • Reporter, India Abroad & Indian News Wires, New York
  • English Lecturer, Montgomery College,  MD


  • MA in Journalism and Public Affairs (Broadcast Track) American University, Washington, D.C.
  • MS in Biochemistry, Accredited U.S. equivalent, University of Pune, India
  • BS in Chemistry, Accredited U.S. equivalent, University of Pune, India


  • Easy-to-Learn English Grammar and Punctuation, Part 1, 2014, Author


  • www.ltaflightmagazine.com for LTA-Flight Magazine— Stories and scientific discoveries in lighter-than-air aviation
  • youtube.com/AmericanMediaPro — Few segments uploaded from her TV program Human Interest Today, which aired in 2002

4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Dear Balloon Journal,

    Is there a peer-review process in your article publications?
    We are looking for a journal for our stratospheric balloon launch results.


  2. Thank you Sitara,

    That is a very interesting and well written article The super-pressure balloon is so little understood. The origins of the successful example are among the little known points in history.

    1. Mr. Piccard,
      Thank you for your comment and appreciation. Yes, I agree with you.
      Soon, I will start work on one of the objectives of this publication–to raise awareness about the pioneering and brave efforts in scientific ballooning and lighter-than-air aviation.
      I will get in touch with you by e-mail, soon.

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