Results for America’s Challenge Gas Balloon Race, 2017

Official results for 22nd America’s Challenge–distance race for gas balloons

Updated 16th October 2017

Place Teams Pilots Distance Duration Landing Location
1 Team 6, Switzerland Nicolas Tièche / Laurent Sciboz 2,280.9 miles

3,670.76 km

59h 19m Labrador City, Canada
2 Team 4, Poland / USA Kryzstof Zapart / Andy Cayton 2,191 miles

3,526.06 km

69h 04m Quebec and New Brunswick, Canada
3 Team 1, USA Peter Cuneo /Barbara Fricke 1,939.3 miles

3,121.82 km

60h 13m Brighton, VT
4 Team 3, USA Mark Sullivan / Cheri White 1,609.5 miles

2,590.31 km

61h 56m State College, PA
5 Team 8, France Benoît Pelard / Benoît Péterlé 1,186.6 miles

1,909.71 km

57h 08m Indianapolis, IN
6 Team 2, USA Phil Bryant / Mike Emich 1,103 miles

1,775.11 km

44h 09m Terre Haute, IN
7 Team 5, Germany Wilhelm Eimers /

Sebastian Eimers

1,099.5 miles

1,769.42  km

46h 53m Wausau, WI
8 Team 7, USA Bert Padelt / Noah Forden 820.6 miles

1,320.56 km

36h 02m Ogden, IA
America’s Challenge 2017—Highlights of the Gas Balloon Race

1.      Two teams shatter America’s Challenge distance record of 1998.1 miles (3,215.5 km) and also the Coupe Aeronautique Gordon Bennett (the World Championships) distance record of 2,112.9 miles (3,400.39 km)

2.      Seven out of eight teams crossed the 1000-mile mark; the eighth team reached 819 miles

3.      No team landed on the first day; the first landing was at 36 hours and 16 minutes

4.      The minimum non-stop flying time was 36 hours 02 minutes and maximum duration was 69 hours 04 minutes.


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