Atlantic Balloon Flight Postponed to Summer

We bring you an update on the ambitious transatlantic balloon expedition featuring Bert Padelt, Sir David Hempleman-Adams, and Dr. Frederik Paulsen. In September and October, we introduced you to these adventurers gearing up for a hydrogen balloon odyssey on the Torabhaig Atlantic Explorer. Unfortunately, the whims of weather have compelled a change in plans.

After extensive consultations with the trio’s weather experts, Wim, Luc, and Don, it has been unanimously decided that there is no chance of a successful flight this year. The arrival of new  atmospheric lows has effectively grounded the team. The trio collectively decided to exercise patience and postpone their balloon flight to next summer.

Wrapping up at launch site in Maine (Image courtesy of Torabhaig Single Malt Whisky)

Initially envisioning a few tracks across the Atlantic, as the possibilities have been in the past, the team found themselves contending with an unexpected cast of characters – tropical storms named Katia, Franklin, Idalia, Lee, Margot, Nigel, Ophelia, Rina, and Philippe. These weather phenomena have proven to be less-than-ideal travel companions.

Eight weeks of eager anticipation, meticulous preparations, and repeated weather checks have yielded no favorable conditions. The team acknowledges the irony of Christmas lights going up in London while they await a suitable break in the weather. With the onset of winter, the prospect of flying through darkness and potential snowfall in Maine has become an additional challenge.

Wrapping up at launch site in Maine (Image courtesy of Torabhaig Single Malt Whisky)

In light of these weather-induced hurdles, Bert, Frederik, and David express their appreciation to Torabhaig for their ongoing support and extend their thanks to the numerous supporters and friends for their patience and commitment.

As the team recalibrates for a summer launch, we look forward to the next chapter in this remarkable adventure. Stay tuned for further updates as Bert, Frederik, and David continue their quest to conquer the Atlantic in a hydrogen balloon.


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