How Was Gas Ballooning Revived in America?

Please watch the above video for complete story.

Celebrated balloonists Michael Emich and William Armstrong talk about the dedication and epic adventures of a group of gas balloonists and blimp pilots who revived the sport in the 1950s.

In an interview with Sitara Maruf, they discuss their book “Hands Off” which brings to life these fearless characters and their daring ballooning experiments and journeys that led to phenomenal feats or failures, and sometimes even death.

Among the captivating stories are the unique skills, secrets, foibles and achievements of legendary Goodyear and Navy aeronauts, remarkable and nerve-wracking long-distance gas balloon flights, cluster balloon ascent, early attempts across the Atlantic or around the world, and the filming of the IMAX movie “To Fly.”

Having joined the most active gas balloon club as teenagers, Armstrong and Emich will also regale you with their own humorous and adventurous flight stories and experiences with onlookers, pilots, and pioneers who helped them become a part of U.S. gas ballooning history, aptly recorded in their book, “Hands Off.”

Moreover, you will also learn about ballooning activities and how to become a part of this exciting flying experience.

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