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Sitara Maruf

Work experience as a journalist, author, English lecturer, and media and communications director:

  • Worked as Executive Producer / Anchor / Reporter for the half-hour weekly news-and-features television program HUMAN INTEREST TODAY, which aired on WPXW-TV of PAX and WNVC-TV of MHz Networks, VA
  • Health Science Writer / Editor and Press Officer, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD
  •  Internship and production work at the British Broadcasting Corporation, D.C.
  • Media and Communications Director for Census 2000 at a former Maryland Governor’s Office
  • Reporter, India Abroad & Indian News Wires, New York
  • English Lecturer, Montgomery College,  MD


  • MA in Journalism and Public Affairs (Broadcast Track) American University, Washington, D.C.
  • MS in Biochemistry, Accredited U.S. equivalent, University of Pune, India
  • BS in Chemistry, Accredited U.S. equivalent, University of Pune, India


  • Easy-to-Learn English Grammar and Punctuation, Part 1, 2014, Author


  • for The Balloon Journal — Stories and scientific discoveries in ballooning
  • — Few segments uploaded from her TV program Human Interest Today, which aired in 2002


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